Pink plastic couch roll papers 50 x 50

Pink plastic-examination rolls to cover the medical examination couch

Code: 23503-02

Manufacturer: ΔΙΓΚΑΣ Γ. ΙΑΤΡΙΚΑ

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Pink plastic couch roll paper 60cm x 50m
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Pink plastic couch roll paper 60cm x 50m (23454-02)

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Plastic-examination rolls to cover the medical examination couch. This roll consists of a gender medical grade polyethylene (PE), located at the bottom of the roll and a sheet of paper of exceptional quality and durability which is on top of the roll. The plastic sex through its high density and structure, ensure the waterproofing of the roll so that fluid that may arise during the medical examination would not dirty the medical bed. The paper provides both the gender capable of absorption of liquids and also offers a sense of comfort and cleanliness in the examined patient.

Both sexes have uniformly bonded together by a special technique thermosygkolisis to ensure the integrity of the product (that will not dislodge the two sexes) even under conditions of stress or a particular use.

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