Teleflex SureSeal 100% Silicone

Teleflex SureSeal 100% Silicone
Teleflex SureSeal 100% Silicone

Optimal anatomical design ensure convenient and safe insertion

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Scientific papers have conclusively shown that cuff pressures in laryngeal masks should routinely be monitored. The continuous control of intra-cuff pressure is a clinically proven strategy to reduce patient trauma due to cuff overinflation or leaks due to cuff underinflation.

The new Teleflex Sure Seal Laryngeal Mask features a unique, innovative and patented device: the Cuff Pilot™. The Cuff Pilot constantly monitors pressure in the cuff, detecting changes due to temperature, nitrous oxide levels and movement within the airway. Easy- to-read coloured indication marks provide at-a-glance feedback indicating pressure changes instantly before they affect patient safety.

The Teleflex Sure Seal Laryngeal Mask range is manufactured with high-end quality, medical grade silicone and includes disposable and reusable products; all of them come in 8 sizes enabling clinicians to meet most patientsʼ needs.

As one of the leading airway management device manufacturers and the number two market share player within the endotracheal tube market, Teleflex intends to play a major role on the laryngeal mask market. The unique and innovative Cuff Pilot device attached to Teleflex Sure Seal Laryngeal Mask marks the beginning of a new chapter in patient safety.


Sure Seal Laryngeal Mask with Cuff Pilot™ – Safe Cuff Inflation is About Pressure not Volume.

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