ECG Device Kenz Cardico 306

ECG Device Kenz Cardico 306
Cardico 306
ECG Device Kenz
ECG Device Kenz Cardico
ECG Device Kenz Cardico 306

New model with Large Touch Screen!

Κωδικός: 17402-00

Εταιρεία: Kenz

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The Kenz cardico-306 is a digital 3-channel ECG with measurements and interpretation, which has all the necessary basic parameters.


Modern design and exceptional mobility combined with an affordable price and make this device very attractive.


Compact and lightweight: - Only 3.0 kg, including built-in battery for optimal portability


Ease of use


Excellent plot: - Thanks to digital thermal printer  with high resolution


Advanced digital filter: - Sophisticated digital filters eliminate AC noise, baseline drift and muscle tremor caused by EMG.


Computational interpretations: - High accuracy based on simultaneous detection of all 12 leads.


Standard programs for adults and children.


Possibility of entering patient demographic data: - possibility to enter the following data: patient identification number, name, age, sex, height, weight, blood pressure, medication, condition and name of the hospital.


ECG display with backlight LCD: - recording of heart rate and a selectable 3-channel ECG on the 5.7 inch LCD for verification of arrhythmias and to review the quality of the graphical representation of the ECG values.



Display of  << freezing >>  and preview a copy of the print: - The Scan Button allows you to survey all 12 leads simultaneously to ensure the quality before the ECG recording with the leads-off indicator.

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