COVID-19 Antigen Saliva Test (hypersensitive colloidal gold) 6pcs

Κωδικός: 25044-11

Εταιρεία: Dixion Medical


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The COVID-19 Antigen Saliva Test is used for the qualitative detection of COVID-19 antigen in saliva, sputum, feces, sewage, food,
seafood, aerosol and other samples.

This test is easy to use. It does not require any special knowledge.

The presence of coronavirus infection can be determined in just 10 minutes in a small amount of saliva.

Thus, the procedure for this test eliminates unpleasant and sometimes painful swabs from the nasopharynx.
The kit works with the principle of antigen-antibody reaction and immunochromatography.

 Non-invasive
 No equipment required
 Easy operation - Convenience by self-test
 Get results quickly - COVID-19 virus infection is determined through an easy saliva sample to reveal the results in 10-15 minutes.
 Results are accurate - According to the C line, T line to determine whether it is infected or not.
 Hypersensitive colloidal gold - Stable performance, free from environmental and experimental conditions

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Type of Test : COVID-19

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